ARWAY (Ah-way) means beautiful in KRU a local language in Liberia. The KRUS are not unique to Liberia, as they can be found in different communities around West Africa, with slight variation in the language. ARWAY bags are design, and handmade by Liberian Artisans. Our staff travels around West Africa to handpick cloths, skins, and wood that make our bags unique.

Since the beginning of time Africans live of the land, we cannot stray from tradition, but find means of modernizing and helping our tribes keep with tradition. Thus, we buy directly from local hunters,contributing to their livelihoods. We believe it is important Liberia continues to maintain a low carbon emission record; we strive to use materials that were produced locally, or were recycled when feasible.

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ARWAY bags are made from the finest West African Ankara and leather, to ensure durability. Fabrics are handpicked, and designed to fit all. We are proud to work with local Liberian artisans in various sectors to create unique couture bags.  ARWAY stands for authentic African style, enduring craftsmanship, and innovation. ARWAY bags are made for customers seeking unique items for their closet ONLY. We are proud to design bags and accessories that are functional, stylish, and embellish to ensure all eyes are on you, while impacting lives. ARWAY collections are inspired by various tribal groups(Mande,Mel,and Kru) and individuals in Liberia, and the authenticity of their traditions.

The Bassas are located on the coast, and were one of the first ethnic groups to interact with foreigners. They are know to be great servicers. This collection is depicted out of the Bassa's ability to remain salient, but important. The rich and vibrant Ankara Prints are interwoven with snake and iguana skins.

The oldest of the Liberian tribes and they are known to be reserved. Which many interpret as being mean spirited “When you enter a Gola town no one lives there”. This collection is made out of snake /iguana skin, and vibrant colours, which depicts the Golas’ self-reliance ethos.

“Peace was in Heaven until the Krus arrive”. The Krus are known to be the fighters. Always assertive willing to exert themselves and  will do anything to protect their own. This collection is made out of crocodile skins for the bold and funky that is embedded within Kru couture.

Lorma Collection
The Lorma are seen as the loyalist. Lormas are view to be honest and will always have your back. The Lorma collection is made out sheep and cow hides, a dash of country cloth and ankara,versatile in simple hues and style. 

Vibrant hues for bold men, and women who choose to be daring!! These accessories (bags,belts,jewelry, pens,etc) are combination of leather, wood, ankara, and animal skins. 

The collection depicts the fire that burned in an impeccable King who defied all social norms in order to set the pace for change in her community. Liberia faces immense issues today what is the fire in you going to change? Hand painted acrylic designs on leather bags showcasing vast issues many Liberians face daily.

Inspired by the active ones in our lives. Ankara and wooden accessories for adventurous little ones who love to move!!

NOTE: Our products are FDA and CITES compliant. 
5ct of every dollar you spend will go to our STRIVE and LOLL programs
Laugh Out Loud Liberia (Live comedy showcasing Liberian comedians, musicians, spoken word artist, poets, etc.).
STRIVE (After school program created to attract youth to participate in stand-up comedy and arts for social change).