We are a small company with 100% of our focus on sharing made in Liberia products to the rest of the world. We take pride in offering unique handmade products design and manufacture by hand in Liberia. We invite you to join us in our mission to share Liberia creativity to the world, in the process educate customers about Liberia's culture.
Earn 20% Commission Plus 5% on Referrals
We offer a 2 tier affiliate program. You earn 20% of any sale you refer through a unique code we give you.  If you sign up someone else for our affiliate program you also earn 5% of their sales  Sales are tracked automatically when an order is place using your code. 

We Provide All Marketing Materials
We simplify the affiliate process by providing social media marketing materials. As an affiliate you have easy access to links, banners and social media accounts to use in your promotions.  We're also willing to customize marketing materials if you have a specific need.

There is No Cap on Your Earnings 
With our affiliate program there's nothing like too much business. For all the sales you refer, you will get a commission. 

Easily Access Your Clicks and Commissions
Our affiliate program is tracked through google docs, which  offer an excellent interface that allows you to instantly keep track of the success of your marketing efforts. We provide detailed reports to help you know where your marketing strategy succeeds and where you need to make changes.

We Pay you Monthly on All Sales Referred
You will receive your commission payments at the end of the month no matter how small or large your payment is.  You can choose payment through Paypal, Wells Fargo Bank, GT Bank or Cash ( In Liberia only).


1. All items are unique and handmade, meaning no two items will be exactly alike.
Interior/exterior ankara of bags will always differ per bag, but styles remain the same.
2. Actual colors can be slightly different than shown in picture.
3. Please feel free to ask any questions before you purchase to ensure good experience on both sides.
4. In the rare case where two or more customers check-out the same item at the same time, we will service on a first come first serve basis.
5. Since this is a small business, all sales will be considered as-is and final - but we will be happy to discuss any issues and try to find an amicable solution where feasible.