Hand crafted out of wood. These pens can be use anywhere, anytime with out dripping. Engraving available at a rate of (0.50ct per letter).

Malik Wooden Pens 
Product ID:M28
Color: Black,Red, Brown,Multi 
 Price: 15.00 USD


1. All items are unique and handmade, meaning no two items will be exactly alike.
Interior/exterior ankara of bags will always differ per bag, but styles remain the same.
2. Actual colors can be slightly different than shown in picture.
3. Please feel free to ask any questions before you purchase to ensure good experience on both sides.
4. In the rare case where two or more customers check-out the same item at the same time, we will service on a first come first serve basis.
5. Since this is a small business, all sales will be considered as-is and final - but we will be happy to discuss any issues and try to find an amicable solution where feasible.